About Me

          Thank you for visiting my web site. I appreciate this opportunity to tell you about myself and my business. I started CORDIS BILINGUAL SERVICES in 1996, offering Spanish interpreting and private investigation services, and have since expanded to include process service and website translation. My business has given me many opportunities to help people like you.

          The question I’m asked most frequently is how an all American girl like me can be bilingual in Spanish and English, a peculiarity that can be an advantage at times. When I was 1 year old my father, who worked for the U.S. Border Patrol, was transferred to the US Embassy in Mexico City, Mexico. As was customary in the diplomatic world of the time, I was raised by a Mexican nanny who taught me her language and customs. I played with the neighborhood kids, heard the Spanish radio stations, and went shopping with my nanny to the local markets. I attended the American School (graduating class of ’76), where I received a superb bilingual education. By the time my parents returned to the United States, I was fully bilingual and bicultural; still, the move was a hard cultural transition. Beyond college, I have taken Court Interpreting courses at California State University, Fresno, and I have completed the Southern California School of Interpretation’s certificate programs in both Criminal Court Interpreting and Medical Interpreting.

          The next most frequently asked question is how I became a private investigator. It’s a reasonable thing to ask since I don’t wear a trench coat and fedora, also an advantage in some situations. My first role model was my father, who worked as an investigator for the US Border Patrol and Immigration Service. I enjoyed hearing his stories of adventure. Not surprisingly, I became intrigued by the law in college, taking every law class that was offered to undergraduates and earning a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Arizona State University in 1980. My first job after graduation was as a bilingual personal injury & immigration paralegal. In 1983, I moved to Fresno, CA, and worked as a bilingual Worker’s Compensation claims adjuster, becoming a specialist in California labor laws. My last job in this field was as an AOE:COE investigator for a workers’ compensation insurance company. My supervisor encouraged me to get my own state license as a private investigator, and thanks to the 10 years of experience as a claims examiner, I qualified for the California Private Investigator examination, which I passed in 1995. After that, I joined the California Association of Legal Investigators and learned about how to run a private investigation business.

          Another experience that strongly contributed to my growth as a person was my trip around the world, which started in 1986. Mr. Steve Cordis and I travelled for 3 years and went to 64 countries and 5 continents. Our essential gear consisted of a back pack, a mosquito net and a sleeping bag. We used local transportation and paid as we went. There was no agenda or time schedule. We just traveled. We wound our way through Europe and Russia in a VW camper bus, and we explored Mexico and Central America in a pick- up with an overhead camper. Travelling taught me to appreciate world cultures and tolerance for those that are different than me. I learned how to assert myself and to be independent. When we returned we conducted seminars on world travel. We were glad to share with others what we had experienced on our world trip.

Rotary is now a big part of my life. I belong to the Fresno Latino Rotary Club, District 5230.  I am currently the treasurer of my club. I enjoy the fellowship of my Rotarian brothers and share with them the desire to contribute in a positive way to the Hispanic community.

If there’s anything you’d like to ask about me and my qualifications, feel free to ask. I’m happy to answer.