Private Investigator

Criminal law Personal Injury Wrongful Death Death Penalty
Drug trafficking Child Molestation     Special Circumstances Surveillance
Sexual Harassment     Pornography     Workers’ Compensation/AOE:COE

          Over the years, I’ve covered a wide range of areas of the law, including those listed above. Currently, most of my work involves bilingual criminal defense investigations and personal injury cases—areas that perfectly blend interpreting and investigating. I work on both state and federal levels and on both the defense and plaintiff sides, delivering my best effort to whatever I do.

          Being a successful investigator is much more than just knowing the law. It’s more than wearing a trench coat and fedora and carrying a magnifying glass. It’s about

          • Knowing how to work with people in order to get the information needed.
          • Using analytical skills to distinguish pertinent information.
          • Following up on leads and following up again and again if that’s what it takes.
          • Identifying dangerous situations and preventing trouble.
          • Writing informative reports and clearly communicating ideas.
          • Staying organized so evidence and reports are easy to find.
          • Exercising compassion so we can understand our clients.
          • Being an organized thinker in order to process large amounts of information.
          • Knowing how to navigate a map and have good sense of orientation.
I believe these are qualities I possess that make me a successful investigator.

          My work as an investigator is something I take very seriously. People come into contact with me during their time of greatest need. They rely on my understanding of their lives and cultures to receive a fair representation. My Spanish speaking clients especially depend on me to explain the law: how the legal system works and how it applies to their present situation. Their trust in me is what helps me succeed. We work as a team to obtain the best results possible.

          Knowing I can impact the lives of people who depend on me is very satisfying work. It makes me want to do a good job. I feel vested in the lives of my clients and I desire to impact their lives in a positive way. What I do and how I do it impacts other people's lives and I feel responsible to that.

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