Process Server

Summons and Complaints     Deposition Notices     Criminal Subpoenas
Small Claims Notices      Divorce Petitions      

My California investigation license permits me to serve all of the documents listed on this page.

I would say some of my most interesting stories are from serving people. One time I had a difficult serve to a man who did not want to testify at a criminal trial. I went to his house early one work day morning, parked in front of his house, and emptied the air out of one of my tires. I then knocked on his door and asked for him by name, telling him the lady next door said he could help me with my flat tire. When he walked out with me to look at my tire, I served him. He was not very happy, but I got my job done. Next thing I did was call AAA because he didn’t want to help me change the tire. Imagine that.

People often ask me if the work is dangerous. I personally have never felt I was at risk, and that is primarily because I use common sense. I always carry a flash light, park my car for a quick departure, and never go down a dark alley. Sometimes I take my husband along if it helps me look less suspicious, or I take my dog so I look like I fit in to a neighborhood—whatever works best.

Speaking two languages has been very helpful, especially when I need to ask questions about where someone might be. Being able to connect with customers directly builds rapport and trust. Thus I have a greater likelihood of getting the job done.